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Speech Box - Day 1


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Alright. I think I have a plan. We will generate the box on a canvas layer, this will need to be placed just above the speakers "head". We will want this to snap to the edges of the screen as you look around, until a certain "stretch point" causes the object to "snap off" and stop being visible. If it works out I might also make it fade out if you walk away as if you can't hear it anymore.

I played a fair bit of Warcraft today because A) I'm really smitten by Pandaria Remix and B) I wanted to see what talking looked like in the game. I really dig how naturally it all just works. These are the kind of things that really impress me with design. Like a good camera controller, you never notice just how much work goes into them until they stop working properly.

So here's hoping I build something that nobody notices.

Ominous foreshadowing perhaps.

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