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Weekend Updates - Speech Actions


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It is a bit of a cliche with my updates but I am, shocker, very tired. So what I'm about to write not even be very coherent. Today I did manage to create the speech game action, and a very basic sign made out of a thin cube and a cylinder. When you interact with the sign it triggers the speech action which then prints to the console log.

The next step is adding in a handler for this object that is raised by the game action. This would contain the text and other details pertaining to this actor, and all others like it in the future. Once I have that done I'll have the interaction medium and the data storage and recovery system.

What I am also working on is the popup when you talk to these things. I think fundamentally the camera is too zoomed in by default. This leaves not much room on screen to post a text box without it blocking your view. I'll play around with a few things and see what works best. I'm also curious how hard it would be to make the box center on the speaker, point towards the center of the screen, and then anchor to the edges of the screen when you run away. Maybe having it fade the further you get from the speaker to represent it being quieter and quieter.

Maybe, something to mull over while I sleep. Our little bean is still limping, but she's otherwise acting normal at least. Gotta give her lots of cuddles and pets.

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