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28th and 29th Update Omnibus!


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  Woo boy! The exhaustion from work and just life in general really got to me. I reminded myself multiple times yesterday to not forget to post and yet I forgot! So today we are going to get yesterday's update and today's resolution.

  I was just not feeling the item and world actions flow when I tried to implement it yesterday. For some reason it was just not really vibing with me, I'm sure you've felt this before. You do something, anything really, and it feels off. There isn't anything morally wrong with it, not even nothing technically wrong, but it unsettles you. Your mind wonders what you are thinking and why you don't do something, anything else. That's where I was when I was working on Moosecats and it was really unpleasant.

  For some reason a single night's rest and I come back to it. Today I find myself doing the exact same solution and yet it feels all the better? Perhaps it was because of two additions.

        /// <summary>
        /// Returns whether this item does anything when interacted with!
        /// </summary>
        public bool Interactable => _itemWorldActions.Count > 0;


        /// <summary>
        /// Returns whether this item does anything when used!
        /// </summary>
        public bool Useable => _itemInventoryActions.Count > 0;

  I couldn't tell you why these simple little additions helped my brain feel better about the whole thing but they do. All of my items implement the two interfaces IInteractable and IUsable, this in itself actually *is* a misuse of interfaces. But honestly I think it'll almost always be true of all items. So at a certain point the question becomes what do I gain from splitting it out?

  Additionally I haven't made very many items, so if I find that this makes my skin crawl in a few months I can always update it to be more proper. The foundational goal is just to make sure that before I start adding tons of things that I feel good about where the game is. And we are moving closer and close to feature completion.

  One of the major next steps will be the talking/dialogue system. But first we need to walk before we can run, which means I've got more item work to do!

  Also bit of humor, signs and people that can talk are also implementing IInteractable. So in a weird sorta way, Humans are *kinda* items if you think about it. But don't worry I promise to not have them literally inherit from ItemBase lol...they'll just be actors like the other "living" things.

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