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The Final Night


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Alright, this is the final night before construction. The entire room is cleared out and I'm mighty tired. I've got to wake up early in the morning which isn't super great. And I've got work which will obviously take the morning and half of the afternoon. BUT once that is done we are back on the horse for getting work done. The next step will be hooking up the logic for using an item you are holding.

I believe it should be pretty straight forward. When we pass you through the item we'll want to collect if you aren't holding something, since you I think we'll have you able to either hold something or interact with things. If you ARE holding something then you eat it instead. This isn't perfect I'm immediately realizing, I feel like there is likely some combination where you would consume a world item instead of the one in your hand.

Hmmm, we might STILL do this as the immediate solution and come back to it later if it is a problem. Perhaps we can differentiate between interacting with items and consuming items. That would be the simplest solution and help differentiate between the two flows. We could use a collection of game actions for both.

I like this a lot actually, sure! That's what we'll do tomorrow.

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