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Halfway to Holding Items


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Tonight we've added a few concepts. The first is the save data for a held item. The idea is quite simple, when you select an item on your action bar you can press the hold item button, which I think will be Y on a controller, not sure yet. After you are holding the item you can then press interact, if the item can be interacted with this will trigger the game actions associated with that item.

If it cannot be interacted with then nothing will happen with the item. However, if you happen to be interacting with an item in hand that can't be interacted with, AND you happen to also be standing near something interactable, you'll interact with that item instead. So, maybe, just maybe, you might find situations where holding something like a coffee cup and interacting with a coffee machine would cause the cup to be filled and replaced in your inventory as a filled cup.

Fun right?! I hope so. We'll finish this tomorrow or at least this weekend as I've got a lovely 4 day weekend incoming.

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