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Long Nights and Late Days


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  We had a stormy night last night, and tonight sounds like it will be as well. I can tell I'm getting a smidge older because golly is this just absolutely dunking on me. Not only that but I had a long workday that ran later than usual. So it was little sleep and even less time to get anything done with the project. But do something I did!

  The action bar needed one final bit of polish before I could move on. Namely if you have an empty field it would try to find data for an undefined asset in the item catalog. This is a no-no and my checks worked as they should. The request was blocked and the error print out I wrote before was clear on the mistake that had happened.

  Fixed it in about 5 minutes and am feeling pretty good about that.

  Tomorrow I want to fix the Adventure bug I mentioned in the prior post. Or at least validate I'm not mad and that it is real. Then from there we will finally move into how we want the item interaction/usage system to work. I'll be honest, might find myself playing a bit more of games like Stardew and Satisfactory soon to see how a competent person keeps it all together.

  I'm not ashamed, I'll wear my inspirations on my sleeve. Good games from incredible people are the reason I like doing this at all.

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