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Weekend Updates - Lingering Bug and the Upcoming Week


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  I've got a bug that I already know exists and will need to clean up this coming week. When you send cats on adventures, if you save while they are gone and reload, the adventure will save at the proper length and finish as expected. But the "return cat from pool" logic I don't believe actually will generate the cat from scratch, rather it'll look for the cat in the pool and try to turn it back on.

  Once that is validated and repaired I can move onto the next steps of the inventory system. Spent most of today playing Pandaria Remix and doing some yard work. You can't have every day be a nonstop grind, and I've learned this. But I'm very excited that we are entering into the final week before the office remodel. It'll either go very well or be very frustrating, I'm not sure which yet. I suppose we shall see!

  Soon we'll be back to having gifs and pictures because I'm gonna have to do some demonstrations of upcoming features.

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