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UML Diagram - Moosecat Speech & Chat Integration

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This one is fairly simple. First the ChatBot will connect the MessageHandler with the messaging event. Then upon receiving messages from users we will grab their IO data from the save system. If that player has an active cat, and that cat is hatched then we will ask it to speak.

Speech bubbles will visually flip when the cat turns so that they stay in front of the speaking cat and the speech bubble text will point towards the cat's mouth. This is a bit brute force at the moment but could be cleaned up in the future. The simplest method is to literally just flip the X rotation of our transform by 180 degrees. The problem with this solution would be the text would be inverted, so we'd need to either re-flip that or have all the flipped bodies be on a separate child chain than the non flipping bodies.

I'll save that problem for a future Oaf.

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