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Happy (Kinda) Halloween!


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Hey Folks,

Our town has Halloween early. Or at least they did this year. And now that it is over I wanted to talk about it just a bit. Honestly it was something I kinda dreaded for a little bit since I'm still not super great with socializing. The idea of bringing a trillion children to the door isn't exactly something I'm over the moon about. But after having experienced it I think I'm pretty excited for next year. I'm going to, probably briefly, discuss why.

The first is that we gave our Pokémon cards this year. The number of kids that still like Pokémon is pretty high. This made me happy since I'm still a fan. Some of the games suck but Pokémon has always been a part of my life. Its a giant corporation, so naturally I don't really like the "place" but I do love the art. Storytelling, visuals, and just the universes created by all the talented people working under the gross money folks. Honestly while capitalism is just kind of the thing we all live in, I do appreciate that it isn't so bad that I don't get to enjoy the works of talented people.

Kids would sometimes shout "They have Pokémon cards!" and start showing one another what they got. It is a really nice feeling to give folks a happy moment, regardless of how fleeting. I'm sure they went onto other houses and kinda forgot about it but that doesn't really matter. I'm not looking for a Nobel here.

There were a couple moments that were a bit of downers but more melancholy than any kind of great sadness. The first was when a little boy was taking his time to decide which candy he was going to take. His mother said "Hurry up. He's not getting any younger waiting for you." and I simply said "Yeah sadly." The other was when a little girl came up with a group of larger boys. They were all taking their candies and showing off their Pokémon cards to one another. She was blocked from getting in to the candy and just kinda stood there quietly and awkwardly as they occasionally bumped her out of the way. It reminded me of when I was a kid. Being generally bullied or kinda just barely existing for people. I felt this twinge of familiarity with her and we've never met. Ultimately I hope the candy and cards she got helps out. And hopefully her future is a little less fraught than mine was.

Overall, just seeing folks so happy. Meeting some of the parents in the neighborhood. It was nice. I definitely want to do this again next year and probably do something cooler. The only other real mistake we made is I forgot to dress up. I could have been a Murloc which would have been fun. I have no idea how many of them would have known what I was but it would have been fun regardless. Probably a bit too hot also.

So that's that.

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1 minute ago, vxxy said:

I’m glad you had a great Halloween. Thanks for sharing that story <3.

Yeah. Also recently met a nice fella named Chuck who took care of the snow for us. So batting 1000 in this area of the world I guess.

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On 1/12/2023 at 7:37 PM, vxxy said:

Nice :).

For sure. A big thing for me is remembering these moments. It is easy to feel like the world is evil and out to get you, but I genuinely think most people are kind. They just need a moment to show it.

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